Show Scenarios

eye-glassWe have been providing quality entertainment for the commercial and fundraising market for the past 30 years, solving a murder mystery while dinner is served. it is our pleasure to personalize each show, and we inviting you to submit a list of some of your favorite “personalities” at work, or within your organization to truly create a unique dining and mystery experience!


Here is some information about the shows:
~ Show typically last 3 hours and include a pre-dinner cocktail hour for your increased bar revenue.

~ The evening is suitable for 40-125 people. You are free to set your own ticket price ($30-$50 is typical).
~ We have five different English, one bilingual and one French show scenarios to choose from.
~ Our evenings are excellent fundraising events for schools, local charities, churches, and other non-profits groups.
~ At the end of the evening we ask that the audience solve the crime and we provide a prize for the winning answer.
~ We provide all the materials necessary for the performance and we leave the dining to you.


Here are some short descriptions of some of our show scenarios to give you a taste:
~ PASSION ON ICE: A world-famous authoress of romance novels comes to your town and offers a special treat to her beloved fans. International intrigue stands in the way of her lust for passion. Its colourful characterization keeps this tale spinning as passion and poison, give way to murder!
~ MURDER AT THE RESORT: A weekend retreat for stressed-out victims of the Millennium sounds like a great idea until the staff of the resort start to take a “permanent holiday”. A spoof on the self-improvement movement with a “nifty-fifties” touch.
~ ADDICTED TO FEAR: A scheming psychologist and a bizarre crew of victims seek revenge from their various ills. Dr. Mills’ methods are guaranteed for life…if you dare! Barking dogs, infomercials, and love affairs abound in a tale of love and revenge! (English, French or Bil-lingual)

Doc McCoy Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Logo~ IN WARM BLOOD: A casting company comes to town to seek out new talent…and to see who has “the right stuff”. But don’t sign up too fast, you may be too dead to hear the applause, and you may have “left your heart in San Francisco”.


We are here to help and will supply you with lots of helpful advice to make your evening special for example:
~ A sit down supper works best with our evenings.
~ Hire a Disk Jockey to keep the customers on-site for the whole evening.