Doc McCoy Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Community Volunteers
Doc McCoy Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, a registered Quebec company for over 30 years. We have been serving up dinner and suspense, participation “who-dunn-its”, to corporate, fundraising markets, social, sports, and religious groups as a mean to entertain and fundraise. The genre is not new, and continues to thrive in major urban areas across North America. The performance involves seven performers who share a dinner meal at the tables with members of the audience. A murder (or murders) is committed and the detective guides the audience through the evening on the trail of the killer(s). Throughout the show the performers will keep insisting they are all innocence of these dastardly crimes. It is up to the audience to solve the crime(s) and find the guilty party.Doc McCoy Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Logo

Think of the game of “Clue”…live version. The plot is accessible to the audience and all the performers stand out in their own way. The wrong answers are riotously funny. The show is suspenseful and humourous.  An unforgettable evening of intrigue and laughs is our guarantee. The story unfolds while the audience and performers enjoy the host organizations fine meal .

Doc McCoy Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre has performed hundreds of shows and entertained over 10,000 people. Keeping to our “tried and true” format used in the Ottawa-Montreal-Nova Scotia area and adding more focus on a community-based murder mystery by using volunteer performers from the community. The goal is the same, to provide an evening of entertainment, good food, great laughs and an intriguing plot. Having fun is our top priority!

Call Sandy Hatfield at 450.562.4947 for more information about Doc McCoy Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre.